Electrical System Makeover. Thank you NMEA Members!

The Impossible Dream’s design and technology makes it one of the most accessible sailing vessels sailing today. One of our goals are to continue building on the original design concepts and mission by upgrading the electrical system with the latest technology and NMEA 2000 standards. 

We are honored and proud that the National Marine Electronic Association (NMEA) and its members have teamed up with us to achieve this goal. 

A dedicated team are work hard to complete the work in time for the Impssible Dream to sail to NYC and arrive by July 1st. 

The NYC Mayors Office on Disability has asked us to participate in their 25th Anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) to showcase the Impossible Dream as a model of accessibility and take people with disabilities sailing.

Her are some photos of the progress that is being made: 

Pete Braffitt, from Gemeco (top right) on board to determine the plan for the electrical re-fit and installation of the new NMEA 2000 system with Jyrki Auvinen, from Nordic Marine and Captain Will and Deborah.


Team ready to move forward


Nordic Marine team preparing the templet for fabricating the new dashboard

Captain Will and Tom are happy to hear that Impossible Dream will be heading to Thunderbolt Marine in Savanna, GA, to have the hull work done, prior to its trip to NYC. Thunderbolt is a founding sponsor of the Impossible Dream.


AA Lift Crane Service setting up to take down the Impossible Dream mast

John Duffy leading the de-rigging process


Up the mast and connecting for the unstepping of the mast.


John Beauregard watching the mast coming down


Job well done by AA Lift Crane Service


Wheeling the Mast into the Hangar where she will be painted, rewired and new electronics installed


Photo of drive station in the salon of the Impossible Dream prior to removing dashboard and installing new one.

Pascal inspecting the mast as she prepares to paint it.

Brooks Jones, with Sailing Services, inspects the mast and provides advice on the rigging and other aspects of the re-fit. Sailing Services is a sponsor of Shake A Leg Miami and the Impossible Dream.

Brooks and Will on board the Dream

Mast being painted

Ron Esserman, life long sailor and owner of the Catamaran Company visits the Impossible Dream during the electrical Re-fit stage.

Charlene and Ron Esserman and Susie and Harry Horgan on the Deck of the Dream talking about the boat and discuss going for a sail when she is completed.


John and Tom shrink wrapping the Shrouds


Matt from Nordic Marine standing at the head of the mast ready to move it to the dock to be re-stepped. He and others spent a late night of wiring and installing the electronic to be ready this morning.


Walking the mast out of the hangar down to the dock for the crane to pick up

One of the last close up shots of the Airmar weather station which will be providing valuable information. Airmar is a major sponsor of this project.

All strapped up and ready to be lifted.

All hands protecting and guiding the rigging as the mast is lifted into place


Mast being placed back on the Imoossible Dream.

Re-rigged and back at she place on the Shake A leg Miami dock.

New Dashboard to house the new Garmin system and a host of the latest NMEA members electronics.

All the new wires coming home to the dashboard as part of the NMEA 2000 network

Tony Digweed from IRIS Innovation showing one of the cameras that will provide eyes to the Impossible Dream for the crew and guests who will be joining us virtually

View from one of the IRIS Cameras that will provide eyes for our guests who will join us virtually.

The templates are taped up on the dashboard. Next step is to cut slots and install the electronics.

We want to thank the team who have been working hard to implement this phase of the project. In the next blog we will be listing and explaining the electronics that make this boat one of the most accessible boats sailing the oceans. 

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